Hi! My name is Chris Stone and I’m a Mental Wellbeing Personal Trainer who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.I have over 7 years of experience in the Sport, Fitness and Health industry.

Having graduated with a Sport & Exercise Science Degree from Edinburgh Napier I have since worked at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Nuffield Health, Challenger Sports (USA and Canada) and the Scottish Football Association.


Originally from the north-east coast of the Scottish Highlands, I moved down to the City of Edinburgh to follow my passion for sport and physical activity and studied Sport and Exercise Science at Edinburgh Napier University.

On leaving University, I was employed by Nuffield Health as a Personal Trainer. I quickly began to build my client base and was given the “Rising Star Award” for my performance in the role.


In 2018, I was selected by Challenger Sport UK to cross the Atlantic to coach soccer and direct regional Summer Camps in multiple locations across North America.


On return to the UK, I moved into the world of business and established myself as a self-employed Personal Trainer and I currently operate out of Energy Gym in Meggetland.

The Wellbeing PT

Very quickly after becoming self-employed, I understood the need to specialise – it was an easy decision to settle on mental health having struggled with my own health for a number of years.

I started feeling unwell at the age of 19. There had been a couple of challenging events in my life that I struggled to to deal with. Yet as many men do, I concealed it and kept it a secret for over two years before it eventually spilled out.

I spent the next several years battling against depression; life was hard and thoughts of suicide were constant. However, with support and treatment, things slowly improved to the point where I felt more in control of my own mental health.

In addition, I saw such a great need for a PT to specialise in mental health. There are hundreds of PT’s out there who specialise in fat loss, bodybuilding, sports performance, nutrition, etc… but very few who focus on mental health.

To ensure I was suitably prepared to fulfil the role of The Wellbeing PT, I qualified in Mental Health First Aid, completed Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, and a number of NHS Mental Health courses.

The Re-Vive Programme
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Personal training tends to be all about the physical . It’s about how to take an individual, understand their goals, needs and limitations and prescribe an exercise program to help improve their physical components of fitness.

I wanted to create a programme that brought both physical and mental health together. Physical and mental health are often seen and treated as two separate entities when in actuality, they are inseparable.

So, I began creating an ebook, handbook and coaching plan – the eventual result of which was the Re-vive programme.

#he programme promotes regular physical activity and self-help activities to empower you with the knowledge and tools to help you overcome both mental and physical challenges.