Update and New Opportunity!

Due to working in North America over Summer I have been unable to post as much as I had hoped. I had intentions to continue whilst on the other side of the Atlantic but it wasn’t possible due to the demands of the job and regular travel. I will be getting back into more regular posting now that I am home


I had an amazing experience in both the States and Canada, however, I’m glad to be home once again – after all, home is home

As many of you will be aware, I had been working at Nuffield Health, Edinburgh Fountain Park, prior to leaving for my 3 month stint abroad. It had been agreed that on my return to Scotland I would take up my role as a Personal Trainer at Nuffield Health once again. However, things have not panned out that way and consequently, I’m now looking at the opportunity of setting up as a Self-Employed Personal Trainer in Edinburgh

  Although initially it was a disappointment not to return to Nuffield, as had been expected, I now recognise that I have as a massive opportunity to grow, improve and provide an even better service

I’m currently in the planning stage for starting up as self employed and am actively looking to take on new clients. If you are in Edinburgh (or close by) and wish to train with me or would like to know more details about my potential new venture, then please do get in contact

I hope to have more news later on this week!

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