My name is Chris Stone and I’m a Personal Trainer in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have over 7 years of experience studying and working in the Sport, Fitness and Health industry which includes time working at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, running youth multi-activity camps in England for 6 consecutive years (2011-2017) and, most recently, coaching in North America in 2018. 

Originally from Castletown, Caithness, on the North Coast of Scotland, I moved down to the City of Edinburgh in 2012 to follow my passion for sport and physical activity and began studying Sport and Exercise Science at Edinburgh Napier University

Duncansby Stacks, Caithness

I graduated with distinction in 2015 and consequently completed my Gym Instructing and Personal Training Diploma through Diverse Trainers. I was employed by Nuffield Health in 2016 as a Personal Trainer and quickly began to build my client base and reputation and was awarded “Rising Star of 2017” for my performance in the role.


In 2018, I was selected by Challenger Sport UK to go over to the United States and Canada to coach soccer and direct regional Summer Camps across North America. It was a fantastic experience to live and work in a different culture and meet many new people

Coaching in Virginia, USA

Since I was young I’ve had a real passionate for fitness and football. As a young footballer, I was not the most gifted in comparison to many of my schoolmates. However, I was always determined to improve and worked extremely hard to gradually improve. By the time I was 18 years old, I was club captain for a local team in Thurso, playing centre midfield week in, week out, led the team to two successive cup finals, a promotion and won 4 player of the year awards in the five years I spent there. My experiences and expertise prompted me to write a book – “From Amateur to Athlete: The Scientific Guide for Improving Footballing Performance” – which I hope to complete by 2019.

In action

Since creating this website, I have uncovered a real enjoyment and passion for writing and have posted numerous articles on my site. I find that by writing many of these articles, I’m not only helping other but I’m also helping myself learn more and retain knowledge.

Initially the site was used just to host these articles but I have always had big plans to expand the site. My goal is to build a site that will enhance anyone’s experience in the gym, allow them to be confident in themselves and begin to grasp what they must do in order to be successful in their pursuit of health and fitness.

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