Personal Training


There are two options from which to choose from:
Recurring Monthly or Personal Training Packs

Recurring Monthly


These have been designed for those with a long term goal. There are 3 levels of support that you can choose from – Gold, Silver or Bronze. Once you’ve decided which on suits you best, we will get started! Be aware that the Monthly Packages are a minimum 3 month commitment and the monthly sessions must be used within each calendar month.

PT Packs


For those who perhaps have a specific goal in mind, there are 3 packs that are orientated towards specific goals – Fat Loss, Strength Gain and Performance Improvement. The packs allow a little bit more flexibility than the Monthly options with all sessions having a 3 month expiry date on them.

Fill in the below form and I shall get back to you with 48 hours to finalise your purchase


Personal Training is undoubtedly the best and most effective option if you are looking advance towards your fitness goals and make efficient progress. There is no comparison to having a fitness expert alongside you every step of the way, assessing you, creating a tailor-made comprehensive programme, monitoring progress, making adjustments when need be and being providing support around the clock.

However, you may be unsure about whether Personal Training is for you, if this is the case, I am more than happy to offer a complimentary session and allow you to experience first hand how beneficial Personal Training is. Once again, get in touch via email to arrange.

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